What we do! 

We will come to your location and pick up what junk, trash you my have.......

Call or Text 661-549-9996

  • Greenwaste

  • Boxes

  • Trash

  • Appliances

  • Furniture

  • And much more

We are a local business serving the Bakersfield area with honest work and a goal to satisfy all of our customers!

Hathaway Junk Removal

We work with:

Home owners, renters

Real estate agents

Property managers

Business owners? 

Do you own or have rental Property

       We can help!

Whats the cost!

The cost depends on what you have and how much.

Price Starts at $40 more depending on what you have.

Let me come and give you a free quote

Call:   661-549-9996

        The start of the day

        When the job is done

              We can do it!

                       Brush piled up

Our Favorite place to go and relax

How much do you have, Give us a call

Give us a call, we can clean it  661-549-9996

        Whenthe job is done

Sometimes you just have to relax

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